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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crazy Isn't Limited to North America


Wow---so the son of this country's dictator was considering buying a yacht costing around $380 million (nevermind that the father---the actual dictator, has an estimated net worth of $600 million...Meanwhile, it is estimated that the cost of the contemplated yacht is nearly 3 times more than this oil rich nation spends yearly on education and health.  Call me crazy, but, this seems like a problem to me...Just as problematic as Bey, Mariah Carey and Usher allegedly receiving $1 million each to perform at private parties by one of Gadhafi's sons (Carey allegedly performed at New Year's 2009; Bey and Usher allegedly performed at the same New Year's 2010 party). 

I certainly understand the need for material comfort.  But, I think that all of these examples go beyond basic necessities and even a few splurges.  I don't understand how in good conscious a country's leader (and this fool isn't along in his crazy) could spend the resources of a struggling country (and I don't care what the government's spokespersons say are the sources of the funds....) on something so frivolous...After reading about the experiences of The Lost Boys following the 2nd Sudanese Civil War (yes, I know its a different country, but the principle---greed, remains the same), I am just amazed at how barbaric humans continue to be to one another.  And to Bey, Mariah and Usher...If these reports are true, you literally have blood on your hands (don't your handlers investigate the people who hire you to perform or do you just sell yourself out to the highest bidder?).

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