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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Please Tell the Clippers Organization the Dates for Black History

There are all kinds of problems with this LA Clippers promo for back history month---how do you determine "underprivileged"?  The fact that children have to be accompanied by an adult means that the organization with still receive compensation for an adult ticket (never mind the concession sales)...(FYI- none of these comments are mine, although I agree with them...I picked them up from a sportswriter with Yahoo, although I didn't link to his/her article)...But, the most egregious error is the fact that the promo is being run in March...Black History month is in February!  This just cracked me up!  Personally, I don't like how Black History Month has turned into an opportunity for Coke, McDonald's, Ford and now the Clippers to exploit a history of marginalization for their own economic gain.  Moreover, I like hearing about Black History 365 days out of the year- not only during the month of February. So, I feel like the concept has become a bit dated...

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