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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Truth Knows No Political Party

Gov. Christie and Huckabee agree with Mrs. Obama on desert...

Well, we can all sleep well tonight knowing that Gov. Christie and Mike Huckabee have gone against Sarah Palin and sided with Mrs. Obama in the fight against childhood obesity.  This an example of the major issue with American politics...Instead of using common sense and reasoning, everything is wrapped up in ridiculous political ideology, the truth be damned!  Of course Mrs. Obama is doing a great things by bringing attention to the issue of obesity in kids. The fact that 2 members of the opposite political party from her husband happen to agree shouldn't be a big deal...Again, its the right thing.  (Note:  I am a staunch opponent of Sarah Palin.  I think that she is self serving, xenophobic, sophomoric and in general, not qualified to be the dog catcher in my Brooklyn neighborhood, if we had one, but that really is beside the point...).

The whole issue of excess is part of the problems with Americans---we have too much, expect too much and are rarely appreciative of anything.  Dessert isn't a "right" and there are serious health consequences of our gluttonous eating habits.  By bringing attention to this matter, Mrs. Obama has never said that the federal government should tell people what to eat (this is part of the boogie man scenario that the crazies on the other side like to use).  Unfortunately, since we can't count on the fast food restaurants and/or food manufacturers to be honest about the ingredients our food, its up to each of one of us to be aware of what we put in our bodies, and that includes skipping desert (or, substituting sugar with fresh fruit).  What's so crazy about that?

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