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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let the Truth Rule

Finally, someone is calling out the GOP for their ahistorical positions on deficits, balanced budgets, government spending and abuses of federal power.  For some reason, the MSM has had a complete failure of memory and as the writer of this article states, have forgotten that 2001 - 2008 ever happened!  Its as if the GOP and the Democrats are coming from the same position, which they are not.  Fortunately, I gave up looking to the MSM media for substantive coverage of basically anything a long time ago---if its not a salacious tabloid trial, some trival issue related to some bland and mildly talented media personality or the propogation of extremist views by some right wing opportunistic zealot, the MSM basically doesn't appear interested.

If not just that George W. Bush was a horrible President (he was), but he (along with the Republican controlled Congress) presided over unbridled government spending (just not on anything that actually benefited the country), irresponsible tax cuts for those least in need of them and the unchecked expansion of governmental power into the personal lives of American citizens (under the auspices of "national security").  However, the MSM hides behind the fiction of objectivity and continues to refuse to do its job (similar to the lead up to the Iraq War, where the MSM yielded to populist rage and pretended that rational minds did not know that the evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was flimsy).  Again, I am glad that I know better.  And, quite frankly, irrespective of the facts, some folks will believe what that want...Facts be damned!

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