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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let's Stop the Crazy

Michele Bachman and her gay-looking husband are homophobes.  So what?  (I am a card carrying gay, so I feel that I have authorization to call him that...).  This isn't news---anyone with half a brain knows that she is nothing more than a religious zealot who is full of contradictions and short on actual ideas.  As much as her team tries to distinguish her from Sarah Palin, they are in fact cut from the same cloth...I would much rather hear some investigative and in-depth reporting on how the GOP is holding the economy hostage with their refusal to negotiate in good faith on raising the debt ceiling.  Or, perhaps, instead of the reporting on the knee jerk reactions to the jury verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, we could talk about how as a society we actually profess to care about children, but we have structures and systems that in reality manifest anything but concern for children that may be in danger.  So, to the MSM---stop with the reports on Mrs. and Mrs. Bachman---they are meaningless.  The Bachman Presidential Campaign is purely a vanity project and those two nimrods have taken advantage of the "big" government that they profess to loathe---from the farm subsidies to the Medicare reimbursement to Michele's former work as an IRS Attorney... Let's talk seriously about real issues they have real meaning in the lives of everyday people.

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