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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beyond Crazy...

There have been many sad days in this country and I add this as one of them---President Obama and the White House have released his long form birth certificate today (I haven't bothered posting a link as I am sure that there are endless places online where one can review this document if you are so inclined. I personally, have not interest).  The endless indignities and slights endured by this President, the first black president in the country's history, continues.  I don't think that President Obama is entitled to a pass from criticism to the extent that someone has a legitimate beef with his policy focus. However, I have a serious problem with the manner in which the character and personal attacks against the President (and the First Lady) are often coded (and, sometimes, not so coded) in ugly racial language designed to appeal to certain segments of the population.

Very often, I have read questions online from people who have asked why the President didn't just release the birth certificate sooner, to which I respond [rhetorically], "Why?"  What other president has been forced to release a birth certificate?  What other President has had his religious beliefs and patriotism repeatedly questioned? What other President has endured the number of threats against his life?

All credible evidence that has been produced substantiates the proposition that President Obama was born in the United States.  Not one proponent of the "birther" controversy (including the annoying and self congratulatory Donald Trump) has produced a single scintilla of evidence to the contrary.  Moreover, I am not even sure that the release of the long form birth certificate will even end the matter...But, like I started off...this is a sad day in America. 

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