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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Black Leadership Class

Wow, someone eloquently calls out members of the hypocritical self-appointed black leadership class!  Bravo Professor Harris-Perry...I have grown tired of Professor West's empty diatribes for some years now...As I have said repeatedly, I have no problems with substantive criticisms of President Obama (I have my own), but some of this crap from the left and the right is downright ridiculous...And in general, the members of the black elite who basically look out for their own self interest under the guise of the "betterment of the race" make my stomach turn...They are nothing more than pimps!  I could go through a list of them (or, at least the ones that I consider contemptable), but its not worth the effort.  My bottomline is simply this---ask yourself whether what you are doing benefits solely yourself or the (black) community as a whole?  There is nothing necessarily wrong with looking out for self, but, be clear about your motives and don't act under the cloak of "blackness"...That's all I am saying...Also, another point to keep in mind...The race as a while doesn't benefit simply because one of its members happens to live well...

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