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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Thoughts on Osama

As one might imagine, there has been a ton of ink spilled (both literally and figuratively) over the killing of Public Enemy No. 1 (aka Osama Bin Laden).  I am actually pretty ambivalent (as I think I stated in a post yesterday).  First, I am generally opposed to capital punishment...so, I have a problem "celebrating" death---irrespective of who it is...More importantly, I don't understand the chants and euphoria surrounding the killing of Osama...It seems rather...silly to be frank (yesterday on "Morning Joe", Peggy Noonan said that she was "happy" and I thought, "Happy?  Really?")  I guess I question the point of killing Osama---deterrence?  We are dealing with people who relish in suicide, so I don't think killing a terrorist accomplishes much.  Do I feel safer?  No, I don't and considering the increased police presence in NYC, some folks at the top realize the need for increased vigilance.  Retribution?  Well, as a family member of one of the victims said yesterday, it won't bring back a deceased loved one.  Justice?  Given the enormous costs to us as a country (both financially and in terms of lives lost), I ask whether the ends justified the means?  I guess killing Osama had to be done, but again, I really do question the reaction and what it says about us as a country.  A friend sent me this article today and I think the writer sums up my feelings in more artfully than I seem capable of doing.

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