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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gov Arnold isn't too Sane!

Former Gov Arnold has admitted to fathered a love child with a former household employee...Ok, I can somewhat see why people might be interested (although, honestly, I am not).  What I find problematic is that the press has identified the woman involved!   What I also find hilarious is that the press (notably, GMA) blurred the child's face---after announcing the name of his mother and his age to the world (or, its viewing audience at least!!!!).  What bs....If the point is to protect the child's identity, that's blown!  Moreover, the woman involved is not a public figure and given that she is a former household employee---no one knows the dynamics involved (i.e. the employee-employer relationship is inherently suspect in terms of there being an imbalance of power).  Isn't there something important to discuss...like the reported increase in terror threats since the killing of Osama?

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