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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Public Education in this Country is Crazy!

Schmes like this are but one reason public school education in this country is a travesty..The State of Texas is investing $25 million in a questionable sporting event that may/may not bring the promised dividends while simultaneously cutting its education budget (including laying off teachers).  While NYC isn't planning to do the exact same thing, significant cuts (and, a corresponding lay off of teachers) are on the table if they haven't already been finalized.  This just under cuts fundamental notions of fairness and equity (not too mentioned ensuring equal opportunity), but from a purely self interest perspective, this country continues to undercut its own human capital development, and as a result, the ability of the United States to compete internationally (hence, our continued decline in international education matrices).

I think this video says it all...

Student Demands More Demanding Curriculum

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