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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two Pols Walk Into A Bar...

Contrasting the real with the imaginary...Ellison is right...not only are we as a country deficient in the obvious (jobs), there is a serious problem with infrastructure (I am thinking of infrastructure in the physical sense)...I thought that some of this was going to be addressed with the Stimulus Plan that was enacted '09...But, that doesn't appear to be the case...No one ever thinks about these things---bridges, tunnels, high speed rail/improved rail line, etc. until there is an catastrophic accident...And, more importantly, no one wants to pay for these things (if one is to believe all of the talk about government spending and the deficit)...The President (and the formerly Democratically controlled Congress) lost the opportunity to do something about this...You can certainly bet the that a Republican Congress is not going to do anything that might provide the President with a competitive advantage going into the '12 race...irrespective of the possible benefits to the country as a whole---And, I certainly doubt that the President will take any substantial risk anyway...So, we are still at square 1...Hopefully, "we" the people will take some action to get our "elected" officials to actually represent public sentiment (as difficult as that it to ascertain).

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