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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy GA Anti-Abortion Law

Things just keep getting better and better- so antiabortion "activist" (I actually prefer the term "crazies") are proposing a bill that would allow a wrongful death suit on behalf of aborted fetuses?  Before reading the article, I wondered how the crazy proponent legislators would get around a small thing like "legal standing" (meaning in short, who can show sufficient injury in order to bring a legal action...I am not a litigator, but that's the clearest definition I can offer)...well, if the crazies are able to prevail, grandparents and even an abusive husband appear to be able to bring suit, i.e., have standing, (against the dr. performing the abortion), to hell with the choice of the woman involved...We will have to see how this thing progresses...Here is the question that I have...why aren't progressives in the street protesting this kind of foolishness (and, honestly, I ask the question of myself since I oppose this bill, although I am not a GA citizen)?  Are we ceding the fight?

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