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Friday, March 25, 2011

I Have Been Waiting on This...

"Celebrity" fundraisers drive me crazy!  That's great that these folks want to do something---donate YOUR money as you have the ridiculously inflated income or donate YOUR time as you don't work the standard 9 to 5 as the rest of us, but quit trying to sell me your crap under the auspices of a fundraiser...I already donate my own money and time to the various causes that appeal to me...In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrine, I thought that I was going to pull my hair out...(except that I didn't and still don't have any...).  There was a telethon or fundraiser or every channel..."So and so" was selling a dress she wore (why would any want a used dress!) and "this person" was performing (given the expenses involved on putting on some of these massive events, wouldn't the $ be better spent by sending it to the place in need---I am sure a significant number of behind the scenes people didn't work for free...call me a cynic, but I am no fool!).  And, here is another problem with all of these huge fundraisers that boast of raising tons of money...where does the money go?  According to a report I read a few months ago, a meager amount of the funds raised after the earthquake in Haiti had actually reached the people in need....I am certainly not discouraging folks for donating to nonprofits and charities---I think many of these organizations do legitimate work and do very good work...I truly believe in the importance of giving...But, I am tired (downright exhausted actually) with the self-promoting supposed good deeds by folks in the spotlight that that usually involve me coming out of my wallet in some way...

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