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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Truth is Better Than Crazy

I am glad to see someone taking the American media to task generally and Fox News in particular.  One most days, I find mainstream television (as well as print and online media) unbearable...The writing can be sloppy, factually inaccurate and blatantly partisan.  I definitely don't need (or really want) to read/view programs that agree with me all of the time .  I have absolutely no problems with having my views challenged.  But, the challenge must be backed up with hard, cold facts or logical analysis, not cynical, political talking points.  Unfortunately, very often what we (Americans) are subjected to in our news coverage is the latter at the expense of the former.  On most days last week Good Morning America (which my partner prefers to watch) led off with more titillating stories about Charlie Sheen.  Its wasn't until Wed or Thurs that the broadcast actually took an (albeit) brief look at the issue of addiction.  That's but one example.  There is "real" news out there, but its hard work to find it.

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