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Thursday, March 10, 2011

McCarthy Lives! And He's From My State (But, Not My District)

So, what came out of today's version of McCarthyism?  Nothing as far as I can tell...I watched about 10 minutes of the proceedings (including Rep. King's opening statement) and knew nothing good could come from my continued viewing...It seems to me that as usual, whenever "conservatives" are called on the carpet about doing something that's controversial (and, likely offensive), they pull out their stock response, which is to say something to the extent that they won't bow to political correctness (these folks always try to give the impression that they are really trying to push the dialogue or this topic or another forward).  For what I heard from the 2 talking heads on CNN (Candy Crowley and another woman whose name escapes me), it worked on them...The effect was the opposite on me...

What's funny to me is that I am not religious...I actually don't like organized religion at all irrespective of the faith of belief, but I fully support the right of my fellow people to pursue their chosen faith, provided that they are not harming other consenting adults (fools not included).  I also have a problem with targeting groups of people under most circumstances---(whether the government/officials should target specific identifiable groups under limited specific circumstances is a topic for a separate discussion).  But, back to day's bullshit "hearing", exactly what was accomplished?

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