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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update re Beyonce, other celebs and Payments from the Gadhafi Family

I guess Bey and Nelly Furtado have either donated or are in the process of donating monies paid to them for performances for the Gadhafi family (they are so many spellings of the last name, I am never sure of which one is correct).  Nice try and I appreciate the effort, but from an accounting perspective, cash is fungible...that means essentially that once you deposit the funds into your account, its mixed in with all of your other funds, so there is no way of knowing the source of the monies that were allegedly donated (and I guess Nelly is still in the process of pulling together her payments from her 2007 performance).  Admittedly, no one is offering me a $1 million (or anything approaching that amount) to do anything, but I would like to think that my sense of right/wrong would kick in and I would like at the bigger picture (say, my dignity for example) instead of the short term financial gain...But, hey, that's just me...No word from Usher, Mariah and others on their plans with regard to monies received...

I watched "When We Were Kings" last night (ok, I know...a little late...This movie was released in 1996 and I remember a friend from law school telling how good it was...It has been on my list for that long...I finally bought it on VHS last wk from a video store in the Village).  It was really good and just admire Muhammad Ali for standing up for his principles---but, I would pick a bone with him too for deciding to hold his fight with Foreman in Zaire (now, the Country is called the Democratic Republic of the Congo) given that the country was led by the brutal dictator Mobutu. None of us are perfect (especially me---hell, I am far from it and I certainly am trying to be self-righteous), but I just think that people (especially those with influence) need to more aware of their actions... (This is a different question as to whether the influence is justified, lol).

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