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Friday, March 18, 2011

Federal Cut Off Of Funds from NPR is Juvenile

I wouldn't even bother to label the actions of the House as crazy...its petty and purely retaliatory following the alleged "sting" video, but this shouldn't be a surprise...We as a country profess to embrace plurality, but in actuality, we seem to embrace those things that are consistent with our own myopic thinking.

Conservatives like to label any media as liberal if the outlet doesn't use their group-think approved talking points...Personally, I am not so much concerned with whether the news is liberal or conservative as I tend to have an inclination toward truth (which, the last time I checked, wasn't the property of either side) and fact based analysis.  I find this to be the ongoing struggle...Anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills can read through the lines of most reporting and find that its generally hogwash, to say the least.

I am not a regular NPR listener, but I generally enjoy the programming...I find it informative, insightful and pretty well done...Rarely do I hear stories about the latest shenanigans of Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan or some other over exposed celebrity (although, since I don't listen regularly, they could very well provide coverage of popular culture events)...I told myself that in light of this action, I am going to contribute and I think that I am going to follow through with that self-promise (not that my direct contribution will compensate for the loss of my tax dollars, but hopefully other like-minded folks will do the same...).

Warning, snide comment coming:  Its a good thing that Fox is bed with Conservatives, or News Corp could see its indirect federal subsidy vanish through the grant of media licensing rules and exceptions to those rules.

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