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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nicely Done Independent Film- "I Will Follow"

Just returned home after checking out  "I Will Follow", which was very nicely done...Interestingly, we (my partner and I) were supposed to go last weekend, but...well, laziness set in and we didn't make it.  Fortunately, the movie was still playing (its an independent flick and is in limited release...we had no idea that the engagement was only supposed to be 1 week...luckily for us, the run was extended!).  My general take on entertainment---whether its a movie, the theater, a concert, and/or even television, is that I enjoy seeing intelligent, thoughtful productions, irrespective of the race/ethnicity/sexuality of the cast/crew/performers.  At the same time, given the EXTREMELY limited depictions  in the media of the parts of who I am, there is something especially satisfying about seeing a well done production that features a non-white cast.  I don't think there is anything wrong with an audience that wants to see some form or aspect of itself projected on the stage or screen, especially given that those of who are not hetero whites see very few recognizable images...(one of the previews shown before the movie was a new Tyler Perry flick...I thought that I was going to be sick!  He absolutely has the right to do what he does and there seems to be an audience for it, but I can say without any reservations that I will NEVER be caught dead watching one of his movies...NEVER!).

In general, I recognize that mass entertainment typically caters to the lowest common denominator, and that's pretty frustrating...A large portion of the movies, television shows and even music that is released sounds and/or looks the same...For me personally, I am just not willing to part with my hard earned dollars for a bunch of thoughtless crap where I am expected to suspend my given common sense at the door...But, I guess that is my choice...

On another note...One woman in our row was engaged in a 2 minute phone call about 15 minutes into the movie and a guy in front of us decided that whatever was happening on facebook was as equally as important as what was happening on the screen, so he checked facebook through out the movie---which is annoying and inconsiderate to the rest of the patrons in the theater whose eyes are immediately drawn to the light from his cellphone...The same thing happened a few months ago when we went to see "Black Swan".  The woman who sat by me came in 15 minutes late and proceeded to check her email throughout the entire movie...I wish these inconsiderate assholes people would realize that they are infringing upon the rights of the rest of us---if the phone conversation or facebook or email or whatever is that important, step outside of the theater.  Is a modicum of consideration too much to ask!  That just drives me crazy!

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