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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Driving Me Insane Today?

People like this woman and the crowds that listen to her.  Basically, I oppose extremism in most forms, whether its radical followers of Islam, radical Christians, etc.  I also have a serious disdain for people who  to capitalize on the fear (and, quite frankly the ignorance) of others to advance their own personal agenda.  Although its not the focus of the article (but, they are mentioned), the hearings Chaired by Rep. Peter King of NY sounds like a colossal waste of time and of dubious purpose.  I am trying to re-tool my vocabulary as a result of reading "The Race Card" (so, I won't call Rep. King a racist), but I definitely think that there are shades of xenophobia in the process (I heard on NPR on Sunday that Rep. Andre Carson, a Muslim American and counter-terrorism expert isn't even being allowed to testify...Although, Rep. Keith Ellison will testify).  I could be wrong, but the attempt to scapegoat Muslims reminds me of the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, the general persecution of Jews, and of course, the long despicable history of Jim Crow in the country (although, admittedly, the contexts in each instance are slightly different)---the bottom line is that the unprincipled targeting of a group based upon shared traits (whether its religion, ethnicity or otherwise) is problematic and should give all Americans serious pause for concern.

So, a few members of Congress want a Libyan no-fly zone? Nevermind that I am pretty much opposed to war in general, but have these folks forgotten that the American military is stretched to the limited in Iraq and Afghanistan...no less an authority than Defense Secretary Robert Gates hasn't exactly come out in support of a no fly zone.  I agree that what is happening to the people of Libya is terrible (so is what continues to happen in Sudan, and what happened in Rwanda, and even in South Africa...I don't recall no fly zones in any of those countries...).  But, honestly, are there no other countries available?  What about NATO? the UN?  I just don't see that the US military has the capacity for another assignment.

We went through this a few years ago, but what's up with all of the price gouging in the gas market?  C'mon Obama et al.  something needs to be done about this? 

Update:  Donald Trump for President?  Yeah, right...This isn't even worth the time to comment.  I think that most people understand Trump's art of self promotion for whatever it is that he does...But, he drives he drives me crazy no less.

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