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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ideological Squirmishes are Crazy

Things just keep getting crazy---Republicans think that the new consumer protection agency is too powerful-this despite a HUGE discrepancy between consumers and financial services companies.  I find it hilarious...when has anyone ever said that consumers have too much power????  Do principles ever win out in public discourse or is everything wedded to ideology?  And then we get this nimrod who says that inner-city African-American youths can be bused out to pick crops (but, to hell with ensuring that they get an education!).  What's so ironic about this story is that a friend and I were lamenting the sorry state of things and she jokingly said that it wouldn't be long before some politician would make such a proposal...and, well...I received an email from her at mid-day with this story...I honestly think that the current economic uncertainty and anxiety has created an environment where some folks feel quite comfortable saying what they really think...which is...ok if it weren't so damn repulsive and just plain ignorant!

A huge part of the stagnation that I see is lack of vision (including at the top with President Obama)...No one has proposed anything substantatively bold or ground breaking...Its just the same tired rhetoric---more taxes/less taxes, unions, budgets, deficits, the end of days, cut social services, 10% unemployment, blah blah blah...Its almost like we believe that facebook is going to save the world!

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